July 8th-12th



BaseCamp worship is a collective effort of local worship leaders who's only desire is to exalt and put on display the glory of Christ. They are a group put together from multiple churches and multiple denominations that come together in the unity of worshiping King Jesus.


The mission work is the heart and soul behind BaseCamp. We truly believe that connecting people to the needs all around them is the catalyst they need to fall more deeply in love with Jesus. There is just no substitute for getting to be the hands and feet of our Savior. It always changes lives.


When it comes to building unity in the body of Christ as well as trust between the local church and it's community, nothing matters more than relationships. BaseCamp always strives to give students and leaders the opportunity to be real and to just be themselves. We thrive on sincerity and honesty and the opportunity we have to live into and share the grace of God.


BASECAMP is designed for students from 7th –12th grade. These students will be divided up into groups of five with other students from multiple churches. These groups will be led by college students and adults.  With that being said, college students and adults are welcomed at BASECAMP and are given a leadership position.

BASECAMP is a mission camp designed to partner with the local church to serve the needs of its own community and to inspire students to serve God and love people to transform the world. 


Our hope is that students will learn how to become more aware of the needs that are around them and realize that they have the ability, in Christ, to make a difference. We believe that being the hands and feet of Jesus is the best way to teach students what the love of Christ looks like for everyone. The students get to hear it, see it, and practice it all in one week to equip them to live it out in their own communities.

There are so many incredible mission camps to go to these days. We certainly don’t want to pretend that we are doing something that others are not. We do have a niche though and that is to provide an affordable mission camp for churches of all sizes. We do everything we can to keep the cost affordable for everyone. We accomplish this through using incredibly talented local pastors and local musicians and worship leaders. This creates a much more affordable rate and also allows us to pour over half of the camp fee back into the community through our mission projects.

Authentic worship, life changing missions, genuine relationships, and hearts ignited for the glory of God.

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Forms below are helpful resources for Youth Pastors, Leaders, Parents, and Campers.

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Donation Information

While some of BaseCamp's ministries are funded through the participants payments, there are much more ministries that are made possible through the generosity of donors. If you would like to find out more about specific ministries that need funding, please email Sara at
Otherwise, you may click the donate button. Please note that your donation is received and managed by Asbury Church. Please select "BaseCamp 2020" in order to direct your generous donation. Thank you so much!






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